A typical Indian immigrant story. Engineer → Engineering Manager -> grew antsy – moved into Product Management – rose (sounds fancier than it is) to become a VP and SVP in a few startups. And in those 20 odd years, my title was whatever was anointed by that organization upon me. And while I fancied I was innovating and experimenting like crazy – in contrast to what I am doing now – I was asleep at the wheel. The title straitjacketed me into a highly insular thinking and made me a slave to the definition of that job. And that stayed the same whether it was a large company or small, whether I was an engineer or an SVP.

Today I call myself “The Accelerator for Technology, People and Positivity

Wait what? How did that happen?

Back in 2016 a feeling of inadequacy and incompleteness started gnawing at me that neither title nor money was addressing.  And without quite understanding what the problem was, I started seeking answers. I started stretching boundaries in search of solutions – even unconsciously. One such activity that started giving me satisfaction was mentoring. It wasn’t a premeditated focus area, rather an organically developed pastime. It could be advising budding entrepreneurs during lunch, connecting with random people at lunch at conferences and MeetUps with a view to learn and help, actively canvassing for friends in the job market. And over time it became an obsession – to help others. Simultaneously, I got fedup of the tech jargon overkill and I started to revel in driving simplicity through examples and analogies to take complex topics and make them consumable. I knew I had something of a knack for this when my fellow VP of Engineering came to me one day and said that his wife finally ‘got’ what he did for a living after reading my blog post. #Wow. Since then it has become a mission to write with a vengeance to simplify and demystify via a variety of online publications. Another funny transformation happened as my penchant for turning complex topics into memorable write-ups started to take root outside of work as well. That of taking mundane (and sometimes not so mundane) activities – walking the dog, United pilot’s pre-flight message, 25th college reunion … – and drawing meaning and life lessons from that to educate and evolve us into better human beings – enrichment. In an accelerated fashion. And finally, realized that my own life transformation could have some seeds to inspire others and started this #IPoP – In Pursuit of purpose – group where a few handpicked folks that were uneasy where they were but not sure what to do next. And that started an amazing network effect that I could not even predict. Accelerating people’s journey towards their purpose.

So that’s my transformation – from yet another Hi-tech exec to The Accelerator what’s in it for you?

The Tech Accelerator

  • Demystifying – I can write and speak on the most complex technical topic drawing on everyday analogies to showcase the power of the technology and leaving an enduring indelible imprint on the minds of the customer. For your next conference, publication or offsite.
  • Techno-ethics – I have a passion on technology and ethics and how in the realm of AI and IoT, this problem is going to get worse faster than we can blink. This is a very hot topic in every conference. I have already spoken about this at the Global Big Data and AI conference and the International Conference on Computer and Information Technology. I can come and present at yours too
  • Content writing: If you are a magazine or podcasting platform looking for someone with a tech background, a wry sense of humor and a gift to create simple yet memorable content, I am your man


The People Accelerator

  • Relatability – Whatever you are going through, I have most likely gone through myself. But more importantly would have taken action and learnt from that I can share with you. So you don’t stay paralyzed and can take quicker action.
  • Trust: The reboot that I have done in my life has already found many fans. The pilot #iPoP program is an example of one where I am leading a group of 8 folks through this journey of “finding their purpose” –
  • Empathy: Have the ability to folks in their joys and sorrows and everything in-between.
  • Optimist: Can look for positivity in the mundane and constantly provide the boost needed in the toughest of times when you are feeling low or disheartened
  • Pragmatist: Can cut through the noise and be able to provide a candid assessment. If you are not moving your butt, I will tell you so
  • Network: Having an enviable network OUTSIDE of silicon valley – authors, podcasters, doctors, coaches, consultants … – so I can guide you effectively and connect you with the right resources to accelerate your path to your  purpose

Sign up here if you are interested in working with me 1:1 (group sessions in the future) to accelerate your path to purpose.


The Positivity Accelerator

  • Elevate: I can create memorable and inspiring articles taking everyday incidents and drawing life lessons from that.  Did that with a blog post on an otherwise seemingly ordinary United flight and resulted in a video that United shot of me, Capt Jason Lopez, showcased at the United Leadership conference hosted by Oscar Munoz (CEO) and resulting in me doing some consulting work with United on leadership and inspiration
  • Engage: With my writing on ThriveGlobal and LinkedIn, I have built a strong following and have developed a unique knack of follower sentiment analysis and by engaging with the audience leveraging the likes and comments I can draw powerful conclusions for future articles.
  • Inspire: At your next offsite or leadership event, I can draw upon powerful episodes – United, Puris, Sparrows – that can leave the audience feeling rejuvenated and enthused to go conquer the world