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I’ve known Ashwin now going on three years, and it is more than interesting in how a chance encounter at a conference has turned into a valuable partnership. His network and influence in our field has grown exponentially, and I believe the reason for this is his genuine desire to make things better.

In a field where unfortunately, many people connect in order to improve their individual position, Ashwin connects with people because he wants to be part of the solution. This ‘solution’ isn’t limited to just technology but is as fundamental as what is and should be important to all of us. He lets this guide how he interacts with others – I have seen this firsthand in his interactions with me and it has been refreshing.

While many people self-describe themselves as ‘thought leaders’, Ashwin truly is but lets his interactions demonstrate this. I look forward to many more years of collaboration with Ashwin!

Lester Godsey


Special thanks to Ashwin Krishnan and #iPoP for helping me embrace this change.

Hochan Chung

Sr. Technical Account Manager, Cohesity

Thank you  Ashwin for taking the time to talk to the group today. That was awesome it changed the whole dynamic of the meeting. Everyone got up and shared their why and spoke from their heart. It was very refreshing and real

BVG, Kamloops, BC, Canada

Such a great meeting, I have to agree … the presentation was bang on and the round table sharing was wicked, thanks for being honest everyone!! It got some wheels turning for me, and I had to go find a quiet corner in a coffee shop to just write all the things chasing each other around my mind from today’s meeting.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

LN, Kamloops, BC, Canada